Netral Group

About us

Netral Group harbors various companies that operates in areas such as electricity, plastics-chemicals, agriculture, and international trade by confidently advancing down the road whose foundations were laid in 1998 and which it set out on with a vision of being a global player. The fundamental values that consistently maintain its growth since its establishment and that it adopted following Netral’s success. Netral works to offer better tomorrows for humanity with its continuously development-focused, sustainable, and environmentally conscious structure in all the sectors it operates. Netral Group strives to add value to the geography it sits upon by providing products and services with reliable brands it has created itself for the market network on 4 continents and more than 60 countries with its companies.


Message from the General Manager

We brought a breath of fresh air with the values we adopted for the sectors in which we work while consistently maintaining our nearly quarter-century journey. Today, the rules of today are being rewritten while losing the effect of the rules of yesterday, the accumulation of knowledge in the world is growing with each passing day and is moving to those who can think innovatively and who correctly use knowledge. With speed, quality, and efficiency becoming the fundamental dynamics of competition, the business that possess the ability to do these have become the founders of the new game of the market. We make our plans according to this by operating with the awareness that development is imperative in this world, where technology, environmental conditions, lifestyles, and humanitarian needs connected to these are quickly changing. We are quickly progressing on the road of being a leading group of companies that are dynamic and can quickly harmonize with technology in the fields of electricity, plastics-chemicals, agriculture, and international trade with the awareness that success is attained with resolution, discipline, and determination. We work with teammates who are innovative, talented, and have knowledge and experience who we see as a member of our family by operating with the awareness that the most important capital that a business possesses is its human resources. With our management understanding that believes that people, a part of development, will be successful in all the work they do, we offer our shareholders reliable products and services by producing strategies congruent with their needs and expectations. Without sacrificing responsibilities for people, nature, and the environment, we are proud to be an institution that uses its resources in the most efficient and effective way, that values expertise and experience in the work in does, and that adds value to society with the products and services it offers.


Meaning of Netral

NETRAL has developed a mission of fundamental and constant development by specifying its strategic goals at the institutional stage. The three fundamental goals that Netral has set in the organization are maintaining its generations-long existence by remaining connected to the values epitomes to the institution, leadership in the national market, and ultimately being a global brand. These goals are retained in the Netral brand. While only just a sole proprietorship at the institutional stage, it is fed with the letters “NE” from the name of its founder and represents all the ethical values and institutional excitement that it has at the same time adopted. It second biggest goal placed in its brand the symbol of Turkey, “TR”, which is the origin that represents national market leadership. Its final goal uses “AL”, the first two letters of ALEM as a synonym for world, to complete the brand by being inspired by ideals of being a global brand. The future and goals in Netrol’s name maintain its confident advancement without straying from the goals that it specified at the start of the journey.

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Common Ground
Branches of Tabono
It is an ancient symbol of the unity of objective, strength, trust, and hard work to reach a goal.
Common Ground
The square is the shape of durability, stability, and balance, and situations expressed with the square explain unity, order, a decisive upright stance, and integrity in the language of the symbol.
Branches of Tabono
The Branches of the Tabono represent the Electrical, International Trade, Agriculture, and Chemical & Plastics in which Netral Group operates.